1. Too many 4th of july pictures to upload….too many old pictures to upload so much photography to little time networking.

    2 weeks ago
  2. My mom used to be a techno clubber, AND SHE NEVER TOLD ME. She used to go to techno, and disco clubs all the time. I guess there really is a connection to your creator. wow.

    2 weeks ago
  3. Shout out.

    Hey crim3s. If somehow you check your tag, and see this post. Lets fucking collab, or let me get the heads up on a new track so I can remix. I love yalls energy and music. If you have time check out my shit. I play guitar, piano, and produce house.┬áIf your reading I have a EP on its way out looking for a label. I can send demos, or you can get my vibe from my soundcloud…. with all love

    2 weeks ago
  4. There is a reason they are my favorite new music group at the moment. So much beauty. I will meet them. 152 2 weeks ago
  5. I’ve drank away the feeling, but I really pheall this…I miss you. Jazmin is back. 1407 1 month ago
  6. wtf?! I want it. 23 1 month ago
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  13. Thank you to my friend Jon for letting me stand on his shoulders for this one. Holo Eric Prydz at ultra 2014. Amazing set with amazing friends I made. 1 month ago
  14. Miami 1 month ago
  15. Florida 1 month ago