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  3. Day drinking. 1 5 days ago
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  5. Jumping off bridges, and going to a haunted asylum today. Should be filled with adrenaline, and a lively feeling.

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  6. synthesis

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  7. "We are either a spec, or so large it is not to be comprehended by human life that the answer, and question are the same." - Pheall

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  8. 4D

    Is there such a concept, or greater understanding past our current comprehension, perception, and understanding of our physical; and or metaphysical space. Is there another part, a hidden piece we can not see with two eyes alone? Questions, and curiosity are the only leading factors to anything close to answers. Yet are answers really answers if roads never end? Past that road in space, and time looking directly forward there is only infinity. Also that with that infinity something so intertwined unknown to the current perceptual being as to be another dimension. As a living organism in the “third denominational” perspective the question comes to hand if there is a 4th. If there is infinity in space, and time. No beginning or ending mathematical numbers never to cease, puts the absolute possibility not only for a “forth” , AND even a fifth, sixth, etc. To only allow yourself one being to attempt, and allow this being to be in every denominational space, and time is inevitable. Death, and life is not even relevant to this occurrence. It is happening, and has happened before our creation. Our creation wasn’t even a creation it was a manifestation of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen. A energy transfer possibly controlled by a system, lack of in this infinite space, and time. Also this dimensional happenings which we can’t even see past the third. The human mind seems to comprehend life as we know it even better in TWO dimension only by personal understanding. Our eyes concave in nature yet we remember life as a two dimensional picture. No depth, time, space or referral to misconstrue the focus of the memory. Because we can only experience, or current existence in the third, our minds must have to remove one dimension to remember our past with one less dimension. You can only live in all three in the current moment. The past is two before that you are one. You are carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen. You are one thing created of four. Yet There is only one thing the question is it infinity? Is it four things creating one? There is only one of two answers. We are either living in a infinity of dimensional being or we living in one. To better comprehend what I am proposing. This existence this universe this dimension. Could possibly only be one dimensional. Uni the prefix for the word universe meaning one is a perfect example of why this could be. Yet if we could prove the possibility of multiple universes, There would not just be two, or three, etc. There would be infinite. Never ending layers of dark, and light laying forever so closely together that to never be apart yet so many, and so close to allude the eye from the answer. If we are truthfully experiencing a  third dimensional experience the only conclusion is that we are not only experiencing that third dimension. We as human beings are living in a infinite dimensional space comprehensible to our current being. Only to surpass our everyday cycle as cycles are never ending infinite to pass, and continue on forever. Infinity like the simple question does pi ever end is the answer. The question, and answer forever changing energies back, and forth. There are not just three, there are infinite only to bask in the glory, and possibility to maybe comprehend at some point in our short energy cycle.

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  9. tattoo number 2!

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  10. tumblrbot said: WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE INANIMATE OBJECT? Jack Daniels sadly.

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  11. Too many 4th of july pictures to upload….too many old pictures to upload so much photography to little time networking.

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  12. My mom used to be a techno clubber, AND SHE NEVER TOLD ME. She used to go to techno, and disco clubs all the time. I guess there really is a connection to your creator. wow.

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  13. There is a reason they are my favorite new music group at the moment. So much beauty. I will meet them. 160 1 month ago
  14. I’ve drank away the feeling, but I really pheall this…I miss you. Jazmin is back. 1453 2 months ago
  15. wtf?! I want it. 23 2 months ago